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Thanks everyone! I'm glad you guys like it. I know it's not up to par with everyone's taste (especially hardcore ADA folks), but I'm excited about it nonetheless. I know it will look A LOT better with glass pipes, but that will come later.

@Talkyn... The grass-like plant in the back is actually Pygmy Chain Sword (echinodorus tenellus). I was told by someone in another forum that it's usually not that tall. So I'm worried about if I should keep it, especially how I read it will shoot runners and try to spread far. Never worked with that plant before so I don't really know what to expect? I'm considering switching it out to a taller variety of DHG (Eleocharis acicularis)? Oh and the whole "don't like the sparseness of Iwagumi tanks" thing, I agree... Although I can appreciate the minimalistic and simplicity of true Iwagumi scaped tanks, I decided to adopt 'some' principles while steering this scape in my own direction (thus the 'inspired' word in my title). Glad someone else sees my perspective.

What do you guys think about switching out the e. tenellus for e. acicularis?
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