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Well I finally moved the shrimp to their new home. I bought a unit for the tank to sit on that's at a good height for viewing and drilled holes in that so everything (filter, heater etc) could fit inside - I'm really pleased with how uncluttered it all is.

I'm still waiting for the light to turn up, so this lamp will be changed.

I lost an adult the day before I moved them :/ and I lost a juvenile about 2 days after I moved them over.

They have been in there about a week now and appear to be very happy. There are lots of places for them to graze and chill out.

The water is amazingly clear and the greens are super green. I'm planning on letting it grow out for a bit and will probably add a new moss at some point. I will maybe add something to the left-back corner to balance it a bit, but I'm not sure - I kinda like marimo moss corner, but it could do with some height.

I finally got to count how many shrimplets there were - 27. I still have two adult females, so all in all, 29 shrimp made it into the new tank. Hmm minus one juvenile means there are 28 in total now. Here they are in the bucket, while I move their water over and get things ready!

FTS. I'm really happy how this is looking. The plants are nice and green, the flow is good for the shrimp and there are a few different places for them to hang out. I sit and watch them for ages

Feeding bowl in, spinach time

As the tank was running for months before the shrimp went in, algae build up on the cholla wood...

24 hours later and they had eaten it all. Om nom!

Here are some more shots...

This photo makes me

Aww look, it's the special one! It still didn't grow like it's siblings. Always good to see him/her though

Thanks for looking
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