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Update from 9/24/12...

DIY suspension for the Finnex Ray 2 light fixture:

-EKBY HÅLL Ikea Shelf Brackets x 2 = $8 ($4 each)
-3/32" wire rope from Home Depot = .60 cents
-Fishing Line = FREE off my fishing rod.
-Jewelry crimp-able closures from Michael's = $3
-Jewelry clamp/hooks = $3

Total Cost = $14.60

Took me a few hours to finally suspend the light fixture. I slowly gathered material from various places while out on errands for other things. Anyway, got stuff from Ikea, Home Depot, and Michael's. The hardest part was trying to measure and get everything straight. Also tying the palomar knots and basic knots wasn't that easy too (well basics are)...LOL

Some minor adjustments on height might still be needed. I would have planted this tank by now but the plants that I intend to use are sitting in my other tank in which I just discovered has some Hydra Polyps in it. I'm going to have to address that problem first because I do not want to introduce those pests to my new tank; especially, since I'm going to be keeping shrimp.

Now for some pics:

Materials and implementation of the thick gauge wires I found to fit PERFECTLY in the grooves where the stock plastic docking mounts slide into. If you intend to do this, either bring your measurements with you to Home Depot or bring your fixture with you (which I did) so the friendly Home Depot employee can cut it to size for you.

Once I inserted the wires, I got the jewelry closures and crimped them down with some needle-nosed pliers pretty tight on the ends. I thought I would have to put some epoxy or something to strengthen the hold, but they appear to be pretty tight without the need for glue. The closures conveniently have an eye at one end where I can thread the fishing line through... the tough part was tying the palomar knots there (hint: look up an instructional video on youtube if you don't know how to tie this knot).

Ikea shelf brackets and some hooks I found in the DIY jewelry section of Michael's. I'm only using the hooks as a quick disconnect to remove the fixture for aquarium maintenance. These particular hooks do not fit over the curled ends of the shelf brackets. I just tied a loop of fishing line over the curled rod iron under the brackets which then attaches to the jewlery hooks, which has another piece of fishing line tied to connect to the fixture.

And the final product pics:

Look ma... no mounting docks! Except for the pesky power cord, it appears to be floating! (umm, sorta).. LOL
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