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GLA 6g Rimless 36-L - The Fusion Tank (Nature, Iwagumi...Who Knows?)

What's up TPT, I'm actually active in a couple forums and I decided that with the success I'm having with my new project that I started, I thought I'd like to share here as well...

And the story starts on 9/5/12...

Well after a good few years back in the hobby, I decided to start yet another nano aquarium, this time a rimless Iwagumi inspired scape (my first attempt so be kind). I poured through quite a few options and compared ADA, Do!Aqua, Mr. Aqua, Schuber Wright, and FINALLY decided on a GLA. Why? Well in terms of Low Iron high visibility glass on a rimless, the only competition in terms of 'value' that I can find are the Schuber Wright aquariums (which the beveled glass threw me off) and the Mr. Aqua 7.5g cube (which I didn't want another cube). I decided to spend a little extra on myself, but not ADA extra, since I'm still a starving student. Yes ADA is the cream of the crop (based on quality and established reputation), but I wanted to break away from the norm and save on some cash in the process, while still following 'some' of the principles associated with Iwagumi planted scapes. I finally decided on the GLA Low Iron Green Leaf Rimless Aquarium 36-L because it fell on the sweet spot of value, quality, and the right size I was looking for. Plus, I was impressed with how fast the GLA's customer service was in responding to my inquiries. That sealed the deal and the order was placed! :thumb:

All I have now is the tank, lighting, and substrate. I'll be ordering things online and taking some trips to the LFS's. But here's the list so far, feel free to critique it or comment.

The Rundown (Already Acquired and In-Progress / Planning):

Tank - GLA 36-L (Dimensions approx. 15" x 9" x 11", 6g, 5mm glass thickness)
Light - Finnex 16" Ray 2 DD (9 Watts: 88 HO LEDs, 7000k daylight)
Filter - Fluval 106
CO2 - Aquatek paintball regulator w/ solenoid

Substrate: Fluval Stratum, Floramax, and Sand
Hardscape: Yamaya Stone, Manzanita DW

HC, Hemianthus callitrichoides
Rotala Colorata
Pogostemon Erectus
Ludwigia sp. Red
Echinodorus tenellus
staurogyne repens
Flame Moss

Planned Fauna:
Yellow (Neocaridina heteropoda var. Yellow), Tangerine Tiger (Caridina serrata) or Fire Red Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda var. Fire Red)
Galaxy or Chili Rasboras later long after a healthy population of shrimp is established.

Seachem Flourish, Excel, and API Leaf Zone until the liquids run out. Will be mixing up dry ferts after, just got my order from GLA with my tank. Undecided with the whole EI or PPS-Pro dosing, still need to read up on it.

And some pictures:
Hmm, look was the kind UPS lady brought me!

Excellent packing on the part of GLA! The tank was packed in a thick box within a box with plenty of styrofoam to protect the glass.

NO... it's not ADA, so what! LOL

The Finnex Ray 2 16" fixture:

The tank and the fixture (I'll most likely suspend the fixture, more on that later).

The pic doesn't do it justice, but WOW this Finnex Ray 2 is BRIGHT!

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