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The big day

Well the substrate swap went pretty smooth
started this morning with my daughter keen to earn her pocket money .

all the hard work was done for me lol

tannins in my water from the peat

sand substrate. not as black as i was hoping for.

filling up

All shrimp and snails are back in now Total time taken - 5 hrs , RO maker is very slow

So im happy now that i have control of the water perimeters, which I havent notched it down too rapid , over the nxt week the PH will be brought down to 6.5 and TDS 130

current stats

PH 7.0 with tester 6.8 with test strip
TDS - 174
KH 70 mg/l
GH 200 mg/l
nitrate 10 mg/l
nitrite 0 mg/l
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