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Originally Posted by chrislewistx View Post
What a wonderful thread. Congratulations, all three renditions have been excellent. Also, you pick the most interesting fish species. What made you decide on the Parosphromenus sp. 'sentang', and then the Sawbwa resplendens?

Also, you mentioned a PhD supervisor so I take it you are in school. I would be interested to know what you are studying, if it isn't too intrusive to ask. I think your low tech approach should be inspiring to all. Examples such as this show that perhaps some of us try too hard with our aquariums. That is perhaps we try to do too much, and should let them take their own course.
Thanks very much.

The Paros were something I've always wanted, just amazing little fish, but can be a bit tricky. The current fauna, including the Sawbwa are due to wantign to change the stocking to fish more suited to the particular water parameters in this tank - also I was after something a little more active than the Paros, as this is the 'display' tank.

I'm in the final 6 months of a PhD studying the ecology of an endemic giant subspecies of field mouse on a remote Scottish archipelago. Couldn't make it up!
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