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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
those are looking really good, bro.
ive farmed out a TON of emergent p. helferi to send you soon.
Excellent! Thanks for the compliment! Let me know when you're ready for that trade.

Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
I know you're all about these being emersed but I'm hopeful some people now see how great these arrangements can look while flooded.

A pile of them could look terrific in a shrimp tank or in a tank with some micro fish.
Not at all, I'm very open to the idea of doing Wabi Kusa submerged as well. Many of my customers have had great success with them submerged. I've got some amazing little Wabi Kusa bricks of HC and Glosso growing out.

You're giving me some ideas -- I just might flood this tank and use the Glosso bricks and these four Wabi Kusa as the only scaping materials. I'll make a poll.

Originally Posted by chrislewistx View Post
I was planning to catch the show live, but I will be on that road during that time.

I love emersed grown plants. My emersed box is as much fun as my full on aquariums. However, I do agree with Somewhatshocked that they look great submerged. They would be great in a shrimp tank, or any tank for that matter. I think they are a very viable aquascaping tool.

Your setup is looking great Kiran, and good luck with the show today. I will be sure to download the Podcast next week.
That's a shame! Oh well, it's not like football or something where you'll miss out if you don't see/hear it live...

Okay, I might do this submerged. It might be a little more maintenance but could look pretty awesome -- plus, there would be no need to worry about the humidity issues!

Thanks for the compliments, I hope you enjoy it whenever you're able to listen to it!

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