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Originally Posted by Bettatail View Post
Rifleman needs M16.
not bad that my staff NCO designated me as the sneaky one, gave me a nice toy at the time, the AN/PVS-17C.
Was in the Northern area, spent the whole winter there. not fun, felt cold and tired constantly. Cold weather gears, MRE and adrenaline kept us away from hypothermia and frostbite.
27 months total in Iraq. I was a Combat Engineer conducting route clearance. We operated in Stryker's for our patrols. 12 to 24 hours at a time until we ran out of C4 from eliminating IED's. The smaller profile of the M4 worked better in the tight confinements of the Stryker. All of our enemy engagements were under 100 meters. If trained correctly, the M4 with an ACOG can engage point targets at 800 meters. It's also the same exact platform as the M16. Life in Afghanistan is harsh. My unit is there now.

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It is pretty awesome

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