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the atomizer is at about the bottom of my tank. check valve is about 4" below that and the tank with the regulator and bubble counter are on the floor about 1 ft below it all with some extra tubing looped.

whats happening is the check valve doesn't work the greatest because the line looses pressure which is what causes the burst in bubbles.
the check valve doesn't shut off till the water hits it. as long as the co2 is pressured behind the valve it'll bleed that pressure off till the bottle side is slightly below the water pressure.

i thought about switching to an oil but wasn't sure if there was anything else i could really do. the UP atomizer requires a pretty stout pressure to operate at all being a membrane.

i found this on page 2, i'm thinking of ordering it

i wont need zip ties since it has clamps.

now i could have the atomizer upside down, directions weren't clear. looked to me like the co2 was supposed to go in the top but that was backwards from what i thought. i thought it should draw the co2 in but i figured maybe they wanted more of a back flow design.

does anyone else have issues with the pressure causing line leaks?
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