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Brown diatoms in mature tank (ARGH!)

Brown diatoms all over my 36g tank, mosses, plants. Looks terrible!

Tank is mature. I feed fish (there are 12 small mixed fish in there and one pearl gourami) only a tiny bit each day, and nothing over the weekend. I have not rescaped. There have been no disruptions or changes.

I added four ottos... they seem to be eating anything and everything else but the diatoms. The ottos are not touching anything on the mosses. They focus on keeping one plant clean.

I also have a few ramshorn snails and CRS in there, but nothing I can't sacrifice if absolutely necessary. I breed CRS in a different tank, and can repopulate if needed. For example, would removing the fish and overdosing with Flourish Excel possibly work?

This tank looked sparkling clean for months before the diatoms took over.

What to do??? If the tank were not so big, I would have thrown it out my second story office window by now.

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