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My shrimp? They REALLY like Hikari Shrimp Cuisine, but I should probably do more reading on crustacean nutrition before I decide on a staple food. (I'm currently rotating through my stock of goldfish foods, as most of them are herbivore-friendly.) Did you know that aquacultured penaeid shrimp (the ones raised for food) can develop molting issues if they are deficient in - can't remember exactly, I think it's phosphatidylcholine. But it's found in soy lecithin.

I did try to make gel food using spirulina powder, agar agar, squashed green peas (note to self: use baby food next time, pea shells do not squash well), smushed romaine lettuce, vitamin C, calcium carbonate, and red palm fruit oil (it's a really good supplement for vertebrates, high in vitamin A and I think E). It seems to have been quite the resounding failure. I'm thinking of trying straight spirulina powder next.
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