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Planting on a Budget - CFLs

Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum. I've actually been reading for a while on here, stealing great bits on info to help me out.

I'm posting today because I'm on a mission. I'm cheap(and poor ) and want to do my new 29 gallon tank as planted. I live in eastern Canada and we have slim pickings in my city for affordable lighting. I set to looking for an alternative to my costly options here and think I may have found something.

The thing that REALLY had me thinking my crazy scheme could work came from an old thread on this site actually!!

My inexpensive CFL light solution

I want to do similar. I've found CFL bulbs I think I can work with. They are 26 Watt, have a Kelvin rating of 6500 and the Lumens are about 1750 I do believe.

I want this to be a basic tank. I plan to keep low light. Probably some water sprite, horn wart, java fern. Basically what ever low light plants the local stores have in stock that are in good shape. I don't want CO2 and I'm of course willing to dose ferts as needed.

I was thinking I could do 2 of these lights with the clip on lamp fixtures. The ones I were planning ot use differ from the ones in the pic.. they are not as wide and I'm thinking this may be an issue. They are only 5 inches wide.

I know this gives me less than 2 watts per gallon and hope this wouldn't be a huge issue.

Anyone have any thoughts? Think this could work?
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