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I will admit to one caveat of my iPhone 5. The stinking new connector. I bought a cheapy adapter from ebay - thankfully just $10, but still! - and now see that there's a little chip that the knock-offs won't have, so they won't work. I'll use it as a guitar pick for the guitar I don't have.

Luckily, my Flexsmart bluetooth adapter in the car has a USB slot for charging, so I can connect the new cable that came with the phone to that. However, for some reason, my phone will now not pair with the Flexsmart via bluetooth. My 4 did, no problem. At least I can use the aux out instead - sounds better anyways :P

All in all, I still love it, even though I did think Apple is a sneaky @#$! for doing that. They should've included an adapter, the jerks. (I know, I know, then they would lose $$$$$$$$ in $30 adapters :P).

So, no, the kool-aid has not clouded my judgement so that I think the 5 is all puppies and rainbows, but, nothing is perfect.

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