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Originally Posted by Patriot View Post
I wasnt talking about money or value. since the new guy took sueing has been the only thing apple has been up to lately. Why bite the hand that feeds you or in this case sue the company that makes your parts. Steve knew a good company needs a good rival and that it was healthy for a company to compete and not sue them.
Ummm these lawsuits have been going on for way longer than Tim Cook has been CEO. These lawsuits started in spring 2011(Apple V Samsugn). Jobs stepped down as ceo in August 2011. By that point, there were 19 lawsuits in 9 countries.

The battle between Motorola Mobility and Apple started in 2010.

Jobs actually despised many of his opponents. With a deep passion. Wouldn't speak to them. He was behind the reins with a lot of these suits started.

This isn't unique to apple. This is what big tech companies do.

Brand protection is an investment.

Nonetheless, to say they are going in the ruins is nonsense.
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