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Originally Posted by Patriot View Post
I wasnt talking about money or value. since the new guy took sueing has been the only thing apple has been up to lately. Why bite the hand that feeds you or in this case sue the company that makes your parts. Steve knew a good company needs a good rival and that it was healthy for a company to compete and not sue them.
First of all.... If you think Apple is the only tech company suing every other company, you're nuts. Samsung, HTC, google and Motorola have all been involved in pointless lawsuits too.

If you're telling me that Samsung didn't entirely design their devices to look like apple products, then your argument can stop here. They've admitted it. Courts have decided it. They are copying what apple is putting out there.
Originally Posted by Bettatail View Post
apple focus more on making profit, not a good thing.

as a tech company, constantly evolve is the right way, because there are others in the same product sector.
apple's glory is it was the pioneer to develop something new, and dominate the sector, thanks to Steve Job.
Time always change, Nokia, Sony, blackberry and Palm pilot are examples, they all had their glories in the mobile device sector but now is the Apple's domination. without steve Job, and constantly evolving corporation policy, apple can be the next Nokia..
at this point I don't see what makes iphone 5 better than some other smartphones.
Wrong. Constantly evolving is for companies that aren't producing things people want already. If constantly evolving was the only way for a tech company to stay afloat, please, do tell me why apple is in the position it is in.

The iphone 5 doesn't have to be better than every phone. If your goal is to produce the "best" phone, you'll have another android phone. And in three weeks there be another. And in 6 months they'll stop making updates for your product. In a year, it'll be unable to run half of the apps efficiently.

Steve Jobs didn't evolve. He was adamant and static. He stuck to his guns. Form AND function.

You can say they're going to tank all you want.... but Apple has been steadily increasing in value for 20 years. If you can't see what the business world sees, I'm not sure what to say. Their business model obviously works.

Their design model obviously works. Everyone is copying it in one way or another. Apple took mobile devices past the gadget in your pocket stage to the accessory in your hand. You might not think you care about things like that, but everyone does in one way or another.
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