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I have already changed lighting some. I had the lights on 12 to 14 hours a day. the last couple of days only had them for 10 hours. I need to pick up a timer for the bowl. I turn the light at 7AM. When I get home at 5Pm Im turning the lights off. I don't really get to enjoy it with the light on. My goal is to let the plants take the bowl over then I will add some shrimp.

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It looks like a good start. I like it. An industrious use of space.

Just watch out for that Hygro "Sunset" it is very much a weed and will out-compete the other plants for every nessessity. At least thats my experience over the past 9 months growing it. Also, watch your lighting. If you start to see algea growth raise up your light source or cut back on lighting hours.

Keep at it. Shrimp are awesome to keep by the way, so much personality.
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