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Sorry, been busy, update time!

As of today:
  • Nitrites@0.3 or less (probably 0)
  • Nitrates@5
  • Only other item of note is the froth/foam in the sump return area (see pic below). This could be due to the filter socks needing a clean.
  • The Wisteria seem to be not-dying whilst floating, so will leave them to develop more roots.
  • I will be adding 12cc of ammonia and will check parameters tomorrow this time. If ammonia@0 and nitrite@0, and nitrates increased, then we're good.
  • I am also guessing nitrates are low due to the amount of plants. Have to look that up.
  • Tank temp has jumped back to 79...kinda weird.

Bottom line, if time allows - fish this weekend!


Wisteria rooting

Whatever these are, they are generally doing terribly
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