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Initial Setup

I found this piece of wood at a LFS and knew I had to use it one of my 12 longs. Here it is in the empty tank the day I got it:

Finally got around to working on the tank today. First I put some "anchors" on the wood to stabilize and hopefully keep it from floating. I'll probably still have to weight it down for awhile. I'm kicking myself for not soaking since I bought it.

Had to cut a flat spot on the one end to attach the anchor.

Then I added a base layer of black sand and some egg crate to support the rocks and create the hill.

And here it is with the wood, rocks, and the rest of the sand in place.

For plants I'm planning on a moss carpet in between the rocks on the left and around where the wood touches on the right with and open area in the center. I have some stainless steel mesh coming from h4n for this, and a boatload of peacock moss in my current shrimp tank. I'm planning on training the hydrocotyle to grow on the wood and hopefully cover the emersed area as well. Just have to figure out the best way to attach it. I'm thinking fishing line since I haven't seen anyone use glue for stem plants. The rocks and maybe the wood will get some mini pellia and possibly fissidens as well.

I was thinking about adding something else poking up from from within the moss, but I'm not sure what. Some nice, large anubias nana would probably work, but all I have available right now is micro and it would get lost pretty quickly. I'm open to suggestions. Just something for a little height in the front right and back left corners.

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