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Just purchased a 3 stage RO filter . Only a cheap one but it makes 230ppm water come out at 12 ppm . With a ratio of my tap water i can easily sort my ph and ppm out now.
I tested the dorset pea gravel yesterday , and it is buffering hard at ph 7.6 which is not good.
i put 2 peat balls in the tank but to no effect , lovely tannins but straight back to 7.6 .
so ive purchased some black sand and made sure it has no buffering capabilities and a water test kit .

Gravel substrate in the crs/rcs tank will be 100% removed on sunday , hoping to get all shrimp back in by the end of sunday . big job it looks like it is gonna be .but its gonna be worth it in the long run for my crystals

Only down side is there is about 10-20 cherries only about a week old in the tank , and possibly new born crystals , my preg crystal went the full 4wks with the eggs but i cannot see any babies that dont look like cherries.Total shrimp population is around 40 - 50 shrimp plus 20 - 30 ramshorns and lots of trumpet snails

fingers crossed that all shrimp make it safely will post pics sun night .
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