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Originally Posted by robbowal View Post
you can be very proud of the community you have helped to thrive and survive over the past ten years.
best of luck to you in your future endevours.

And for the new owners welcome to our world, you have very big shoes to fill.
I completely agree, they do indeed!

Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
Thanks for all that youve done to provide us with a top notch forum Kyle. As with any changes, there will be growing pains and some folks are better able to adapt than others. Ones person, or even a few peoples opinion isnt likely to sway the odds, but just make you look like a poor member. With that being said...Welcome Adam! I look forward to having you aboard
Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
i have to agree with that sentiment as well. You have been available, had an open ear, and very receptive to my needs and ideas. I am very sad to see you go, and just al ittle apprehensive at new ownership, lol. You have spoiled us, Kyle! I do hope that some day when life is less hectic, I can help you stock a tank as a thank you!
I agree with the sentiments expressed here, Kyle you deserve a reward after a decade of continual development, expansion and the level of commitment that you've shown over the years. I remember joining back in 2003 and though I've not been as active as I'd like and have been in and out of the hobby over the past decade, I have always relied upon the site for advice, information, and a sense of community. Thanks for making that a reality not just for me but for the rest of the community members, old and new alike. A decade is a long time and you deserve the break, lol.

Originally Posted by antbug View Post
oh boy, the ad's have started.......
Hmmm...well we already have those now, the question is will there be more? Will they be larger, more offensive and obvious? That would definitely turn me off, but we'll have to wait and see. According to Kyle, there won't be much of a change, so I suspect (and hope) that things will remain the same in terms of current advertisement practices, placement, etc.

Originally Posted by forumadmin View Post
I used to be big into aquariums when I was younger, but started moving around a lot with jobs and such, so sadly had to stop. Moving it became a huge PITA.
I'll probably get back into it when I'm firmly in a house and not in an apartment.
I know how that is. I just bought a 90P and Gods help me if it isn't heavy without anything in it, so I'm dreading the day when I have to move out of my apartment. Just transporting the thing is going to be an issue by itself!
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