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Chad's 125g...take 2... "LOST"







TANK: 125g (72x18x24)

FILTERATION: FX5 (but will most likely be adding another smaller canister to
run the CO2 reactor)

LIGHTING: 2 36" Tek fixtures with 2x Giesemann Middays and 2x Flora bulbs

SUBSTRATE: ADA AquaSoil New Amazonia. Normal and Powder types. PFS

HARDSCAPE: Mountain scape. Stone i collected locally

FAUNA: I plan to have a single school tetras of 100+ and a cleaning crew.

FLORA: (Planned) I will update the list as i go.

I plan to DSM the following
  • UG
  • DHG
  • Mini Fiss
I apologize for the poor picture quality. I am the furtherest thing from a photographer.

I have always been intrigued with mountain scapes, so i decide to go that route on this rescape. I just love the look of flowing grass-like carpeting plants littered with stones.

I spent all day yesterday arranging the stones and placing the substrate. So here is the first scape go round. I am sure that i will rearrange some of the stone before the flood a time or two.

The planting plan as of right now:
  • UG covering most all of the visable AS
  • DHG accents thown in between rocks and thrown in here and there
  • Mini Fiss 1) ground up and rubbed on rocks during the DSM
  • Mini Fiss 2) grown on round SS mesh and placed where AS and PFS are visibly touching as well as randomly placed among the UG and on the sides of the "mountians" to give the appearance of little round "tree groves".

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