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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
Oh, I know, but I had been told at the time that Chinese Elms could be kept indoors. Which, apparently, there is some truth to.
I keep all my trees outside unless it's freezing and recently got a greenhot house, so I keep them outside all year now.

Since it rarely gets below freezing and then only at night and only a few degrees, maybe 10F below tops...........I use a heating mat for those nights.

Only for the tropical trees, the Ficus and some other house like plants, need this, the majority of the trees are fine.

Keeping them well watered during summer here is another matter.

My old bosai from when I was in my 20's got stolen from my porch and likely all died a tragic death since they were small and needed frequent watering and ferts.

Tom Barr
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