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Oh, it's not free bussing. It's $3 round trip, if I don't make more than one stop! (Yeah... Our school sucks. The other Uni in the area gets free bus passes.)

I'm going to have to start a list, though! There's so many plants, and I was never good with names. ("The green one with the long leaves" won't cut it here, I'm guessing!) It's going to take a long time before I remember anything. For example, I know in my 10g, I have Amazon Swords, Argentine Swords, Anacharis, and two other plants, one that starts with an Aposomethingsomething, and one whose scientific names start with an H and a B, but in which order I can't recall...

Add in all the abbreviations and such that I'm having to learn (took me ages to deduce UGF, and I went the first three days having no idea what LFS meant, other than 'someplace to buy stuff, apparently??') I looked through an abbreviations guide someone had created, but so many terms, lots of chemistry, equipment, etc... It's sort of going in one ear and out the other at the moment. (in one eyeball...?)

Aiyaa. Thanks for being helpful, by the way! I've joined forums where the only people I've talked to have been super condescending until I prove I know what I'm talking about, which I can't here (because I don't know it!)

"Aquariums are like science, art, and hypno-therapy, all rolled into one," I insisted.
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