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Thanks everyone for the compliment. Its been less then a week and I am seeing some growth out of the plants. BTW, I picked this jar up at Walmart for around $10.00. I originally used it for a Betta.

Sashawins- The bowl is a 2 gallon but, with everything in there I say somewhere around 1.5 gallons. I'm under the impression shrimp like it in the low 70's. When I get ready to put shrimp in there I will look into it more. Right now I just want the plants to fill in

zankotsu- There is no mechanical filtration in this bowl. The plants will be the filter for the livestock. This bowl might be to small for fish. I didn't plan on adding fish. From my research shrimp seem to have a really low bio load and would be perfect for a bowl like this. Here is a thread on a similiar bowl that has a wealth of info. If you want to set something up.

Here is Newman's thread on it and made me want to start this bowl
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