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This is the thread I was looking for last year and couldn't find it again.
I saw the pictures in passing and was looking at how you are finishing the edges of the plexi on the router table. That method has to be the most unsafe method ever of finishing off an edge.
Done the right way the router bit will pull the piece into the fence. This requires the router bit to be mostly buried in the fence. That's the safest way. In most cases the worst that happens if you should let go of the piece it moves back a little and away from the bit.

What you are doing with this method is called a "climb" cut. You have trapped the workpiece between the fence and the bit and there is no good direction for the workpiece to go without injury. You are pulling the piece AWAY from the fence and into the bit with the possibility of severe injury to both the sheet of plexi and your fingers.

Remember, that bit is turning at about 20,000 rpm depending on router.

Sure I make climb cuts in wood when necessary (depending on grain) but it is the exception, not the rule. One thing I will never do is trap a workpiece like you have done here.

It should be stressed about how dangerous this method is and proper precautions need to be taken. Your attention can't be diverted for a second. It's not for a person with no experience with a router and proper technique.

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