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My 2 Gallon Cookie Jar

This is my first attempt at a bowl. I got the plants off of a member here and just wanted to see what I can do. I have never worked with live plants before but wanted to try.
My plant list;
Crypt Wendti
Hygro Sunset
Java Moss
Java Fern
Substrate is 1" Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix and .5" play sand. For a light I'm using a 23w 6500k cfl. I might go with a smaller wattage bulb depending on algae. I have been doing 50% water changes everyday since I set the tank up last Wednesday.
Plans are to let the bowl fill in then add son red cherry shrimp but, in no hurry to do that now.

This is the bowl 9/19/12

Here it is with a piece of driftwood 9/19/12

Here it is flooded 9/19/12
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