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Just wanted to show you guys what oxygen injection can do, although its not getting rid of the diatoms and hair algae, it is stimulating moss growth. I did not change anything except added two airstones. I held off on water changes to prove this point. Why wasn't it working with two filters surface agitation? Iono, but the filters were inconsistent and kept clogging up. I took out my smaller aquaclear so now its just one filter, uv sterilizer and two airstones powered by fusion 500. Tips of moss are bright green again, meaning new growth. Its been three days in pictures since I added the airstones, but the first day after I noticed new growth outta my weeping moss right away. Now if only the brown algae would go away like it is said to suppose to in algae post.
weeping moss

bummer theres other moss mixed in with my xmas


whole tank

Hey Marge,

This mesh goes out to you, I would've gave you all of the meshes but my cousin took all but one today. I'll try to throw in some extras if I can. In a week or two k? Better watch out for customs.

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