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My Planted Tanks - 10g and 2g

Just wanted to share some pics of my tanks.

The 10g is my first planted tank.

Tank: TopFin 10g starter kit - Only using tank and heater from the kit
Lighting: Aqueon T8 Strip Light with 10000k 15w bulb on Aqueon Versa Top
Filter: AquaClear 20 filter (no carbon) and Fluval pre-filter sponge
Substrate: Natural color gravel
Ferts: RootMedic capsules and dose 2.5ml Seachem Flourish Comprehensive weekly, DIY CO2 w/ Fluval 88g ceramic diffuser
Flora: Amazon swords, marimo mossballs, hornwort, bacopa caroliniana, frogbit, anubias
Fauna: Male Betta, 4 Corydoras, pond snails
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