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Most of the internal filters are going to be ok, if you went canister route you would need to have the top modified to fit. I have a 501 on my fora, and the flow is lite. I wanted to go with the one size above the 501 but it was a bit pricey. Look at the toms internal filter, it might do the trick for you. Or if you can go topless with the tank the 501 and 511 are good little canisters. For the heater, I have one of the fluval silver heaters, it is pretty hidden since it reflects whats in the tank, very nice heater keeps temps exactly where they should.

Originally Posted by Dave-H View Post
Hi all -

I love my Fluval Ebi so much! But with the internal filter and now a heater in there it's starting to look kind of cramped. I am considering doing an external filter, like one of those little Tom's deals, which I think would work well.

But what about a heater? Is there anything that is super discreet and small that could handle this little tank? It's only 7 gallons but my current heater (basic Eheim glass kind of heater) looks super huge in there!

I would even be ok with one of those heaters that is permanently set to 77 degrees, etc. Anyone have a nice setup for a tank this size they'd like to share??

thanks, Dave
Originally Posted by Dave-H View Post
The tank is essentially dedicated to the 2 dwarf puffers that live in it. There are also a bunch of Ramshorns/MTS and some yellow shrimp that live in the tank, but those are mainly there for the puffers to snack on.

So, the puffers like good filtration but they are pretty small and with live plants, shrimp, and snails the tank seems to stay very clean/stable with the little internal filter I got with the Ebi. Everyone is healthy.

An Eheim 2213 seems like it would be incredible overkill in this little tank Even the internal filter that came with the tank causes too much flow in the tank - it's windy in there!

I am looking at some HOB filters, too, and they might to the trick. But, I can't take off the glass top (curious cats) so I would probably need to make a cutaway in the glass top to fit one.

The puffers seem to like things pretty warm in the tank. They are more mellow, have nicer colors, and seem happy at around 80 degrees and since my house isn't air conditioned and it's hot in the summers, I try to run my tanks on the warm side rather than the cool side. 78 or 80 would be fine.

For cosmetic purposes, what I really want is to get everything out of the tank. I would love to find an little canister filter that is easy to deal with and would fit underneath, then some heater that was either super discreet, could build into the filter, something like that. But, tricky to find the right setup!
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