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Awright, quick update before church.

As Diana suggested, we did a 95% water change in an effort to reduce the nitrite in the system. I put 2.5 capfuls of Prime into the measuring cup to ensure good distribution of the dechlor throughout the water change refill process.

Water change overview:
  1. Turn off the UPSes powering pumps/heater.
  2. Use the hose+pump combo to drain the display.
  3. Drain the sump return area.
  4. Fiddle with/figure out how to siphon out of the sump biological filter area without removing everything.
  5. Clean out dead plant matter.
  6. Place Seachem Prime into measuring cup, settle into place on the bottom.
  7. Fill up slowly by screwing the hose onto the sink's faucet.
  8. Let overflow re-fill sump.
  9. Once water levels normal, turn it on, see how it goes.

Floaty Wisteria.

Micro-bubbles on the plants. Neat.

Coiled the hose to make for the best gravity path.

Used a pump w. duct tape to start/continue the siphon.

Cleaning dead junk out (not that much...but still, might as well).

Floppy plants.

Super floppy.

Low flow meant the input water just flowed smoothly over this measuring cup.

Wisteria issues...dead stem bottoms...

The Anubias Nana's diatom algae emitting a neat string of bubbles.

Water parameter update:
  • Pre-WC: Ammonia@0
  • Pre-WC: Nitrite@3.3+ (off the scale)
  • Post-WC: Ammonia@0
  • Post-WC: Nitrite@0.8
  • Post-WC+4cc ammon: Ammonia@~1.0
  • Post-WC+4cc ammon: Nitrite@~1.6
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