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40 Gallon Community Journal (L260 Plecos are in!)


This is my old 40 gallon community tank.
Current FTS:

Current Stocking:
1 Black Angelfish
6 L260 Juvenile Queen Arabesque Plecos
1 Juvenile Albino BN Pleco
1 Juvenile BN Pleco
1 Mickeymouse Platy
6 Lemon Tetras
2 Neon Tetra
1 Cardinal Tetra
1 Juvenile Pygmy Corydoras

40 gal Flatback Hex Tank
75w Marineland Heater
Aquaclear 70
Tetra Whisper 20i
9w Cree LED DIY Fixture(dimmable) retrofitted into stock Canopy

The tank used to be planted a year ago or more. It had several planted phases. Here is a look into the past:

And then:


Looked like this at some point:

Thanks for any advice and suggestions guys!

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