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I just found this thread and just want to say a big thank you to Darkblade48. I have a 55g community that I plan on putting a pressurized Co2 system on after Christmas. (Getting the hubby to get me a Milwaukee MA957 for Christmas lol). I've been trying to find out as much information as I can beforehand so I know how to set it up and this has been so very informative.

I have now worked out I need a kegerator type Co2 tank that will work with the Milwaukee. I only have some easy low light plants in my tank right now, but plan on getting a few medium light ones once its set up.

I have a little confusion as to what size Co2 tank to get, and what is a good bps to have for my 55. Just say I get a 10g co2 tank, and set it for maybe 3 bps, how long would that tank last before I need to refill it? My husband has concerns that I will be needing to refill it every month -_- lol.

Also Darkblade48, you should post (if you havent already) a YouTube video on setting up a pressurized Co2 system. That would be extremely helpful too in seeing it put together right from the getgo.

So I would appreciate help with my question. I'm worried I might mess up. I plan on buying from Ebay a drop checker and I already have one of those little glass ceramic diffusers to use.
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