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I drip-acclimated some new tankmates today ... it was a bit of an ordeal (story after the list):

1x Dwarf Blue Gourami - remains to be seen how he/she will interact with my guppies. So far so good.

2x Otocinclus - Feisty guys, they refused to even come out of the specimen container at the shop.

2x Dalmation Molly - Love the look of these! They were schooling really closely in the tanks at the shop. I really only wanted one, but I think they would've been unhappy apart

So, during the drip-acclimation I had three separate problems:

1) The tupperware I was using was way too shallow for the Gourami once I poured the shop-water from the bag in... he was practically laying down in it.

2) I was giving my daughter a bath and just came out to check on the progress after a few minutes... the two mollies had jumped out of the tub and into the secondary container I use to contain overflow! Would've been fine except there wasn't any water in there yet! I scooped em back in and it doesn't seem like they've suffered any permanent damage.

3) I forgot to stop the siphon when I was done transferring the fish, so about an hour later I'm sitting in the livng room and I heard water hitting the floor in the livingroom... Good thing it's hard flooring!

In addition to the new tankmates, I purchased some more plants:

Egeria Densa (Anacharis) - fast growing "bushy" stems
Ludwigia Glandulosa - pretty red/green stem plant
A nice slender sword - haven't ID'd it yet.

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