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Smile New "Petco Bookshelf"; 6.6 gallon long iwagumi...

I got one of those Petco Bookshelf Aquariums using that 50% off coupon last week. I was going to get a 3 gallon Mr. Aqua, but I couldn't turn away the Petco sale I guess... Turns out it's much better looking than I expected when the top/bottom rims are removed! It's not blatantly obvious that it's made of plastic, until you touch it/observe closely. My mom thought it was acrylic until I told her the truth LOL.

Yep, the rims on both top and bottom are removable, so it can be classified as rimless! Which looks pretty nice. Unfortunately, the top rim is still needed if you want to keep the light fixture that came with, since the fixture is a centimeter too short to just sit on top of the rimless tank... I wanted to do a white spray paint job of the top rim and light fixture. I always thought white looks classier than black for aquariums. Black is so overused.

But anyway!
I've always wanted to try my hand at an iwagumi piece... and have always wanted a long aquarium for it. This is going to be the one..! I'm overly excited.

I'm going to pick up some grey rocks around my neighborhood to use. Fortunately, they're the same kind of rock, so they will match. Too bad there's no seiryu or ryou stones just lying around. Where on earth do those random ebay sellers get their pods of seiryu stone anyway?! They can't all be buying from ADA and then reselling for a lower price? LOL


I'm not planning on fish- at least not for the first few months as the plants grow in. I'm hoping for a small variety of carpet plants, not just DHG for the entire thing.

Going to try the dry start method, as I heard it works wonders for DHG and dwarf sag.

Mostly tentative specs:

Tank: 6.6 gallon Petco Bookshelf Aquarium
Lighting: T8 Daylight Fluorescent
Substrate: Playsand
Hardscape: random rocks... that match!
Flora: Taiwan Moss, Dwarf Hairgrass, Dwarf Sag, riccia (?)
Fauna: none anytime soon... but if any, most likely a shoal of some small species of tetra

*end rant

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