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Originally Posted by sowNreap View Post
Appreciate all your hard work on this, Hoppy.

I've got all the tools, just not the skill to use them very good. I had a hard enough time just trying to solder a headphone cable to a new jack today. But I might see what I can do when I get some spare time.

Otherwise I'll check with Ductapemaster (I'm really good at using duct tape to mod things ) to see what we can work out.
Remember our difficulties measuring PAR for CFL bulbs? I think the problem may be related to the need for those lux meters to be turned on with the sensor covered. That lets the electronics set an accurate zero for the readout. I was shocked when I first turned on my meter with the new waterproof probe, and it read around 1300 instead of 25! I noticed that the reading kept rising and falling too. Then I remembered that these are supposed to be self adjusting on the zero point, so I turned it off, laid the original sensor black-out cap over the sensor. Then turned it on again. When I removed the cap, it read 21, and the reading was steady. I'm not sure this fouled up your lux meter readings before, but it might have.

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