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Originally Posted by sowNreap View Post
Your way over my capabilities now! LOL

But I do wish I had a waterproof one. I moved and altered my lighting setup a bit and now need to know what it's reading in the tank itself.

If you decide you want to make a couple let us know. I'd like to buy one. I think I could do the adapter part to be able to switch between this sensor and lux sensor. But like I said this mod is beyond my ability.
It is really an easy mod, especially if you have good vision and steady hands, both of which I am a bit short of. The only tools I used were a hacksaw to cut the acrylic tubing, a utility knife to score the flat acrylic for breaking off a strip, a soldering iron to connect the wires to the diode, an electric drill (cordless) to drill for the electric cable in the piece of tubing, scissors to cut circles of filters, a pair of wire strippers for the electric cable wires a sheet of fine sand paper, to flatten and square the ends of the tubing, toothpicks to manipulate the filters and diode, and some masking tape to act as a third hand at times.

You can PM Ductapemaster to urge him to make some, too.

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