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Originally Posted by BaltimoreH20 View Post
This is lookin GREAT! I cant wait to see what it looks like in a month@!
No bueno, no bueno at all. I am plague with brown algae and my xmas moss still has hair algae. I miss using my tap water. I've gotten my tds down to 70, which should be a good range for taiwan bees I've read. I want my blue bolt male to turn back to blue. I'm going to increase my water changes more frequently to try and rid of algae (from just top offs) and keep my tds in the 70-80 range as well or at least try. I just did a 50% water change yesterday and hair algae/utricularia turned more clear. I expected my peacock moss to be much thicker, so it could be taiwan. I might add an airstone for more oxygen as my filters are inconsistent because of the nylon on the intake. They clog up very fast and I constently have to rub them down so it won't drip rather than flow.

Here are pics:
weeping moss on the brink(still going to keep it in here)

hair algae

brown algae

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