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Yep a bar of soap should last Yall a year maybe more!

Our water in the suburb of Waco I have lived in for the last 6 years is a bit strange too! Ph is 8-8.8 depending on the time of day, and the Kh is usually 19*+, but the Gh is 2-3*.

But less than 5 miles down the road where we rented a Duplex for 10years has a Ph of 8.2-9, Kh 20*+, and a Gh of 14*+!

I know here in Woodway our water is 100% from Lake Waco, but I guess in Hewitt it is mixed with well water??? Like I said the 2 places are less than 5 miles apart and on the exact same road, even though if ya go left off of 84 it is Hewitt Dr and if ya go right it is Estates Dr.!!! CRAZY

In Hewitt the water was PERFECT for Rift Lake Cichlids, but now when I set up another Rift Lake Cichlid tank I will have to buffer the GH! But at least we OWN (or will in 24 more years!!!) the place where we are now and not just pi$$ing money out the window like we were in the duplex!


p.s. Aggs kicked the he!! out of SMU!!!! WHOOP!!!
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