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Hehe, yea a razor blade would have been so much smarter

Cool @ shrimp! I have my fluval spec coming in a few days -- I'm assuming I can just grab some filter media and fill it with tank water from my Betta's tank and put the ghost shrimp babies in there?

I will definitely buy more plants from here in the future -- not knowing what I was doing led me to the establishment...

Those are actually airstone bubbles -- the CO2 is inline to a reactor (Ista MAX-MIX one, but it's noisy as hell, so I have a different (aqualine?) one coming).

I plan to add a night timer so the air goes on only at night, CO2 during the day.

Following information I read in this post, I bought a cheapo LUX meter from Amazon. It showed 4650 LUX at the depth of my substrate from that LED light.

Dividing by 61 and multiplying by 1.1 leaves me with 83 PAR... I definitely should get some cooler plants

I'm going to wait until I get the CO2 hardware in place and adjust to dosing fertilizers daily/etc before I make things more demanding on myself though.
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