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Quick Update:

I utterly failed at taking pictures last night, apologies for that. The lady is turning 21 so the festivities have distracted me [can you say hangover?! Bahaha]

Anywho, I did get a chance to cut up / replant the Cardamine & do a quick ~50% WC but that's all I got to last night. Assuming tonight doesn't kill me I'll try to have pics posted in the next day or two. There isn't any crazy growth but the plants are establishing & look pretty alright!

Speaking of plants, one of the Banana Plants has put up a floating 'lily pad'!!! Woohoo! The pad has been rising for a few days but when I got home yesterday it had surfaced & spread, and looks awesome. So psyched!!!

As an additional note, the Bumblebee Goby appears to be settling in finally. The first 24 hours it was fairly active, and then for the past few days I've seen very little of it except for when I walk into the room and scare it away. Last night I spent a few minutes observing the tank after the WC and the Goby ventured out a few times - not for very long, but it was good to see it active. And it still has a fat little stomach so apparently it's eating!!! Very relieved to see that.

Thus far my maintenance schedule has been a bit "make it up as I go", but I've consistently done:
Days 1-14: 50% water change daily at the end of each photo period (timer initially set for 6hrs week 1, 7hrs week 2, 8hrs week 3)
Days 14-19(today): 50% WC every other day, also at the end of the photo period

Question: I've been dosing a very small amount of Flourish Excel upon each WC, something to the tune of ~6 drops per ~4gallons. Should I be upping the dose a bit over time?

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