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Just a quick update on the tank:

The water was dark tea color on the 2nd day due to the driftwood but it is clearing up, I've been doing 2 50% WC's daily and have added Activated Carbon while my purigen bag is regenerating in its bleach bath. My crypts are starting to melt, but that is something I was expecting. However, my java fern is not doing so well, most of its leaves have dissolved and it's not even planted in the substrate, only shoved in the driftwood's crevice. My stems, bacopa and ludwigia looks ok and have not noticed any change.

I will be adding some MTS from my 37 to help mix and aerate the sand keep it from going anaerobic.

An observation regarding the filter:

I have it adjusted to only running 25% flow and it churns the water well. If I was keeping a betta in this tank, I would do some kind of mod on the outlet to slow it even more. The oveflow (intake) works well and filters floating debris nicely.

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