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I've been reading a lot about sumps and drain pipes and reef tanks and planted tanks w/ wet/dry filters and and and...

So far, I'm leaning to the bean animal stand pipe solution. Many people recommend it and I like the idea of a quiet tank (I'm currently running canister). The only problem is that the tanks are already setup to have two overflows with one drain and one return each...

A coworker who is in the same boat (but with his tank up and running) brainstormed over this and we came up with a solution: turn the two overflow chambers into one. For these tanks I'm debating one big overflow and/or drilling more holes. I've also considered the long high channel overflow idea.

Here is a description on bean animal's solution:

Since the tanks are not assembled I could always get the rear glass drilled (would work great for planted as well) and get an undrilled bottom. Or drill more holes into the bottom and potentially only use one side...

Thoughts? Ideas?

[75g high tech -- 20g shrimp jungle -- 130g bow-front build WIP ]
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