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Nice start!
Glad to hear you got the old tank. It's situations like these when multi tank syndrome begins to set in, hehe. For future ref, a razor blade works wonders. Too late now, i guess.
Your shrimp is berried! If you remove it from the fish, you'll see baby shrimp in a month or so! If I were you, I'd buy your plants from the sale forum here. You'd probably get a better deal. I had to get my nerites from that guy because no one else who has them will ship to hi, or they wanted 2 arms and 2 legs... so let's just say it wasn't the best transaction. I'd plant more heavily. There's no point in having a high tech tank and just keeping easy plants that don't require injected co2. If you haven't bought the tank yet, you can get new tanks from beverage for much cheaper with free shipping.

You'll want to put the co2 diffuser in the flow of the filter. All those bubbles that reach the surface are wasted co2 and don't do your plants any good. I'd get a finer diffuser too, those bubbles look kind of big. e bay has some for 5$ shipped.

Also, 10000K lights WILL help plants grow, it's just not as optimal as something like 6500K or 7000K. I had 2 10000K bulbs over my 55g before my heater killed everything, and I was able to maintain a very heavily planted tank with ease.
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