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Originally Posted by BDoss1985 View Post
Any idea if you're gonna keep Rosy Loaches for a while? Whenever your L144's get big enough to ship I want some more rosy's too...They are really odd acting for loaches half the time they're schooling with the cpds.

Hopefully you can get rested up.
I hope so! SUPER cool little fish- very midwater for loaches, similar to others int eh Yunnanilus complex, which is where they will likely be placed once they are formally described

Originally Posted by jbrady33 View Post
Hope you are feeling better, take care of yourself!
I need an assistant!! All those in York PA, PLEASE apply!

PS: The pygmy cories are funny little guys, would love to move them to a small tank so I can see them better, but they are great at hiding-and-evading, i think they are in this tank for good

Will have to get a few more from you after they breed and grow for you!

They are fun little critters!!
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