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Originally Posted by Maechael View Post
It's incredible hard to be sure ick is in the tank.

But when I walked into AG's freshwater section the very first tank had numerous fish clearly coated in white spots, and upon closer inspection they looked like little granules of salt stuck to the fish.

This is what I've have been told to look for as an outbreak of ick in a tank.

And they had one fish laying in that tank on it's side with granules falling off of him.

I understand that fish get sick, and tanks get infections, but that clearly infected tank was the only infected one, which was labeled not for sale, hopefully for treatment.

I truly hope that AG improves, and I'd love to give them some business to make sure it happens, but I won't get livestock from them till I see the improvements.

And also Quarantine! it's important whether it's 1.99 guppies or 199. Discus!

What do you mean by quarantine? I'm going driving down to Fantastic Fins Friday to buy two more discus since one just up and exploded literally last week. Always have loved Red Pidgeon Bloods and now I'm finnaly going to get some. Would like it if they didn't die or cause a mass death like the last time I added discus to the tank. Although I've bought from them in the past and their Discus are above the rest in terms of health and quallity.

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