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Originally Posted by brooklynfishman View Post
Just my two cents...I dont think Aquarium Center, Aquarium Depot will EVER be the same and that is down right a shame as that used to be one of the best aquarium stores ever in the US, i have lived in 7 states and traveled alot and I can honestlt say that.

Once one partner was bought out by the other, thats when the store went doen hill. The partner that retained ownership, did and does not want to reinvest in the store for some reason. He basically said no more wholesale to us tank maintence guys and right there he lost about 20% of his business.

Then there was a mass exodus of employees and that just sealed the deal. I remember I used to spend hours in that store looking at new and rare fish and plants, not to mention there dry goods section. Last time I was in there, I was in and out in less then 10 minutes as there was NOTHING to look at. This was a year ago and have not been back since.

I REALLY hope they can come back and try to be the store that they once were. Such a great store.....GONE.....
umm.... if wholesaling to tank maint guys was 20% of their business, either their business was terrible or you don't understand wholesale. If You mean 20% of their volume.... well that is different. ON wholesale items the store is making no or very little money. So regardless of the fact that they are selling lots of stuff to you, they aren't making any money. They are however having to take the time to order it, get it it, and sort it out for the people who are "buying" it.

That is a favor to other businesses. No way is it going to keep a business open.
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