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Day 18

Tank is still going strong. I'll try to take some pics tonight & post them while at work tomorrow.

All of the Crypts have finished dying back and all have between 1-3 new leaves growing in, and the Anubias are all starting to adhere to the driftwood and are putting out teeny tiny shoots as well.

I've played with the stone arrangement several times and am still not quite happy with the middle / left-side foreground, although it's less awkward looking than the initial design.

I've identified a "mystery plant" that came in on the roots of one of my Crypts as Cardamine, which is growing like crazy. I placed it in the foreground late last week and over the weekend it's almost doubled in size. I'm planning to cut it into several pieces tonight & start spreading it around the left-side of the foreground - Will post pics of what I come up with!

I'm starting to see some algae growth; specifically a flat, dark green algae on the driftwood (which is starting to look awesome) and some lighter green "dots" growing on the quartz stones. I'm probably going to invest in a pair of Oto's at some point before the week ends, and then call my stock list complete for the time being.

Stock List as of Now
-1 (male) Fancy Guppy
-1 Bumblebee Goby
-2 Nerite Snails
[Soon to come: 2 Otocinclus]

Plant List as of Now [As best I can identify]
-2 Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Green Gecko"
-1 Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Bronze"
-5 Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia
-2 Anubias Barteri
-1 Anubias Nana
-2 Nymphoides Aquatica (Banana Plant)
-6 Pistia Stratiotes (Water Lettuce)
-Taxiphyllum Barbieri (Java Moss)
-Small amounts of Lemna Minor (Duckweed)
-Cardamine Lyrata [soon to be several small pieces in multiple foreground locations]

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Evolve 8 - Life Soup

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