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I also have the old unlimited. Heck I don't want to get rid of that. Is that a requirement for the new iPhone?

I won't be updating because I just got the 4S 8 months ago.

When I get a new 2 year upgrade, I get a new phone. The 4s was my first iPhone and I love it.

So in another 18 months I'll have a new phone, probably another iPhone, as I have an iPad and an iMac. Call me a fanboy or whatever, because I simply do not understand tech specs.

All I know is all the androids and PCs I used don't compare to the functionality of and universality between apples products.

I write a note on my iMac? It is on my iPhone.. Calendar? I write something in on my iPhone at the drs office, it is on the Mac. I'm a journalist. It is nice to have my picture notes immediately on all my platforms, same with my pages documents. All it takes is one click and I can open them on another device.

I liked android better for customization, but jailbreaking pretty much turns your iPhone into a restoreable android.

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