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Originally Posted by radioman View Post
If there are no fauna in the tank then it is ok to crank the co2. Just be sure to match it with adequate nutrients for the plants.
That's what I was thinking--thanks! I'm using EI dosing, so hopefully that's enough, especially since my lighting isn't all that high.

Originally Posted by tetra10
...did you put the foam pad in front of the biomax? if not you should.
Thanks for the suggestion, I should check how I have it set up. I think I did foam in the bottom tray and biomax in the top but I don't remember which way the water flow is going.

My regret with this hardscape is the lack of strong substrate slopes. When I look at tanks like Kiran's the contour adds a lot of interest to the layout. Good learning experience anyway, I have trouble learning things without doing them wrong first.
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