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Just so everyone knows, I have multiple sclerosis which has left me unable to work. So things may take a while to do them, but I'm hoping to at least get the flourite planted substrate I put away for this tank rinsed, and get it into the tank today.

As for using Azomite, I'm still adjusting the dosing amount and schedule because I've noticed both good and bad results with dosing my 55 gallon tank with it. Initially the plants took off, and double in size, but after 2 more dosages I noticed the plants starting to take a dive. I believe that I "overdosed" the plants by dosing 1 teaspoon of Azomite every other day. Now I'm going to adjust just how much to dose, and how often to dose.

So once I've got it down packed with dosing size, and schedule I'll let everyone know.

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